Gain better visibility for your team, deliver more business value

The Challenge

As stewards of enterprise data, CDAOs strive to foster a data-driven culture and democratize data access across the organization to facilitate better decision-making. However, they face significant obstacles:

  • Team Capacity: Data analytics teams are overstretched, and recruiting additional skilled talent is costly, leading to delays and scaling challenges
  • Data and Metric Quality: Increasing data volumes often lead to issues with data quality and metric calculations
  • Organizational Inefficiency: Frequent creation of new analytics reports and dashboards, often duplicating existing ones, hampers productive use and impacts data FinOps
  • Feedback Loop: CDAOs can see what is being used, but not why. Understanding the business questions analysts are trying to answer hampers CDAOs’ ability to pick the right places to invest into
The Solid Solution

Deep Visibility
for CDAOs:

Accelerate Data Democratization

Provide business and data analysts with a platform that can save them up to 90% of the effort in discovering and utilizing existing analytics assets

Enhance Analytics Management

Gain an enhanced understanding of business users’ needs and identify data usability gaps to discover what questions the business is trying to answer

Manage Analytics Product Lifecycle

Obtain a clear overview of the usage of data analytics, and why they are being used to better prioritize investments

Maximize Data FinOps Efficiency

Improve your investment in BI and data modelling by removing unused assets and improving those that are valuable

Strengthen Trust in Data

Quickly resolve data issues and enhance confidence in data-driven decisions

Prioritize Resource Investment

Utilize deep insights to allocate resources optimally with the analytics stack, focusing on the most impactful areas

Deploy Easily and Affordably

Implement Solid in a few minutes across any established BI tools and models, and experience immediate business impact

Solid Benefits
Business Impact
Investment in Data
Resource Allocation
Solid Benefits
Immediate Business Impact
Investment in Data
Resource Allocation

Accelerate decision-making, enhance trust in data and boost analyst productivity  today

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